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This film combines the story of Glauber Contessoto, who became "The Dogecoin Millionaire," with a documentary exploring the 2021 crypto and influencer-driven investment frenzy. It offers a fresh, provocative look at the risks and rewards of online investing, featuring a mix of live-action and animated segments, expert commentary, and real-life anxiety-inducing stories.
Entertaining and educational, the film serves as an insightful cautionary tale about how technology and FOMO have transformed our culture's approach to money, reminding viewers to question who profits in the volatile world of online trading.
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Buy $TINFA by purchasing ETH, sending it to your wallet and swapping through Uniswap!
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$TINFA is a viral narrative based on people becoming millionaires by trading memecoins
$TINFA will be more than just a memecoin, it will be a revolution for the next crypto millionaires
The $TINFA movement is like no other on the Ethereum blockchain, bringing crypto lovers from all around uniting to create the next set of millionaires
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